Join the growing number of schools who use the magic of DRUHM to enhance the learning and development of their children.


Book in at our studio for a 1-1 lesson and keep a look out for future live events online and in the community.

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How DRUHM works

Choose a DRUHM course to suit you

Whether you have amazing rhythm and coordination or you feel like you have two left feet, we have a course for you.

Your own unique performance

Buy the gift of a 90 minute performance lesson at our studio. You choose the music track, and let us teach you the most amazing drumming routine to it with the added bonus of a video to keep

Enrichment days or Curriculum Projects

Choose the impact of DRUHM in your school with either one off energetic days or invest in DRUHM to teach, engage and inspire your children in the art of music, movement and creativity

Moving with the music

We know that if your into the music, arousal and performance are increased. We pride ourselves on using only the best music from many different genres to suit a wide range of participants

What you need to get started

To get started on your drumming journey, the outlay on equipment is relatively inexpensive. A ball, a tub and some sticks is really all that it takes. If your exercising space allows then purchasing between 3-5 pieces of equipment (balls and tubs) will only enhance the experience more.

If you are interested in knowing more then contact Ian at or 07545288741

Meet our owner and founder of DRUHM


With a career spanning over 15 years in the fitness industry, Ian has developed and refined his structured, energetic and passionate teaching style from years of leading fitness sessions.

As Ian’s journey into fitness began, so did his love for djing and understanding music on a much deeper level.

‘I had always loved music growing up. It gave me a peace and energy i never understood until i started teaching and djing. Music is the single most powerful medium in the world that connects us all when words cannot’

It took Ian on a journey of discovery with drumming and developing workshops which could be enjoyed by all. Starting with adults and then children, in primary schools, it was evident from the outset that the drumming sessions sparked a certain level of engagement and interest that other things at the time failed to do so.

In 2016 Ian set up drumzaloud, working predominantly in Primary Education and for 4 years enjoyed building a reputation of delivering high quality PE provision.

The vision had always been to create an exciting brand around the drumming workshops and with lockdown and a time to reflect, Ian set out at creating DRUHM, a brand which helps people create their own BEAT and rhythm in everyday life, connecting people through the power of the drum.

‘its about helping people break down barriers and give them the confidence to tackle life, whether that be in the classroom or the workplace’

We are here for one main reason. To help you FIND YOUR BEAT